Tutorial for the technical realization of "OMX" video clips

This page describes project plan to create tutorial for the prodcution of One-Minute Experiment video clips

Intelectual Output 3

Tutorial for the technical realization of "One-minute" experiments

Systematization of tutorials for video production of educational experiments should be done during the first year of the project, and above all it is about the technical side of the formation of video material according to the appropriate standard. This document can also be interpreted as a contribution to the mechanisms and standards for the creation and publishing open educational resources that are the subject of this project. On the other hand, this document is also an open educational resource intended for teaching staff and technical support in higher education institutions.

The project is carried out in continuous coordination and exchange of views of all partners. The production of open educational resources flows in waves between discussions on establishing quality standards, dissemination activities and gathering the opinions of potential users of published video content. The tutorial subject also joins the open educational resources that will be published in the repository and on the project website. In accordance with the tutorial and the current mechanisms and standards of the project - the production of video contents will be continued and based on the response of consumers, an internal audit of the tutorial will be made. The tutorial could include applications of video contents with elements of augmented reality. Partners implementing this activity can also do three different or similar tutorials in their mother tongues and an integral tutorial in English.

Last modified August 1, 2021