Web-Laboratory - design, implementation, maintenance

This page describes project plan to show how to create WebLab, its design, implementation and maintenance

Intelectual Output 5

WEB-Laboratory - design, implementation, maintenance

WEB-Laboratory for specialized hardware programming will be offered as open educational resource during the project implementation. The target group is students and others interested in using this learning resource. It is planned to enable the realization of the teaching outcomes of the course MIT 6.111 Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory - via the Internet. The course has a rich archive of student projects


The documentation of these projects includes a demonstration video of the project outcomes, a project proposal, an abstract, a project presentation and a final project report. The topicality, applicability, special teaching technology and documentation of this subject are the motive for designing the WEB-Laboratory, which should provide access to hardware and exercises (possibilities of its programming). On the other hand, in this example, the project consortium partners will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of WEB-Laboratory and their real maintenance costs.

UNED has extremely rich experience in the regular design and maintenance of WEB - Laboratories, and will participate in the implementation of this project outcome in an advisory manner, and in the context of quality control of the design and implementation of WEB - Laboratories. CogniPix is a designer of various technical solutions in the field of application of specialized hardware and computer systems in the "cloud" and will lead the technical side of the implementation of WEB Laboratory. Singidunum University at its Technical Faculty has several majors related to the programming and implementation of specialized hardware, and as an extremely interested partner in the implementation of this type of results, will play a leading role in implementing this project outcome. The University of Kragujevac has so far participated several times in projects related to the construction and implementation of WEB Laboratories and has experience with the transfer of courses from the world's leading universities. The educational side of the selected project examples can be focused on building a WEB infrastructure and interface that will enable the implementation of the subject http://web.mit.edu/6.111/volume2/www/f2019/index.html and the use of the specific computer platform for the site of simple electrical circuits and work with sensors and actuators.

Last modified August 1, 2021