Web-Laboratory - Tutorial of technical realization

This page describes project plan to show how to create tutorial for WebLab, its design and setup

Intelectual Output 6

WEB-Laboratory - Tutorial of technical realization

The tutorial on the technical realization the WEB Laboratory design and implementation will be offered as a permanent open educational resource, with the purpose that the teaching staff can easily technically realize their WEB-Laboratory. The realization of laboratory exercises via the Internet is in accordance with the measures for the prevention of the pandemic.

UNED has the greatest experience in regular design and maintenance of WEB - Laboratories, of all partners of the project consortium. CogniPix is a designer of various technical solutions in the field of application of specialized hardware and computer systems in the "cloud" and will contribute the technical side of the realization of WEB Laboratory in this project, as well as tutorial of technical realization. The deployment (application) and internal audit will be done by Singidunum University and the University of Kragujevac. The outcome is a tutorial in few languages. UNED will have the role of lead editor of the tutorial, which will be offered as open content education.

  • Documents on WebLab by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
  • Documents on WebLab by Cognipix

  • Last modified August 1, 2021