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The subject of this project is a strategic partnership for creation and publishing of Open Educational Resources in a joint repository or within networked open repositories. We want to:

  • Support digital education and laboratory teaching through an innovative concept of creating a joint repository of high-quality short videos of representative experiments.
  • To generate comprehensive instructions for the development of online labs for programming and application of specialized hardware.

  • The project is focused on few types of Open Educational Resources, as listed in Introduction.


    The RELAB Erasmus + KA2 project, reference number 2020-1-RS01-KA226-HE-094550, deals with the issues of creating, publishing, and using several specific types of open educational resources (OERs)

  • "One-minute" experiments (Short video forms)
  • Digital twins of experimental realizations
  • Web labs, and
  • Guides for technical realization of the above-mentioned open educational resources

  • Our goal is to develop a strategic partnership of institutions within the educational systems and increasing of abilities of institutional ecosystems in terms of creating an adequate environment for the creation, publication and use of high quality open educational resources.

    Execution plan

    Schedule for Intelectual Outputs