Digital Twins of real experiments

This page describes project plan to create simple digital twins of some physical experiments

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Digital Twins of real experiments

Digital twins of real experiments or emulation of experimental responses for specific inputs - represent a new innovative form of digital educational content based on a software solution that selects recorded sequences of appropriate experimental realizations for given experimental inputs, giving the illusion of experimenting on a real object via the Internet. The complete design and scenario of performing and presenting the experiment are an important part of the preparation in the realization of this outcome. Unlike performing a real experiment via the Internet, the "digital twin" of the experiment can be accessed by an unlimited number of users at the same time, without hazardous risks for the equipment, as well as without the risk that the equipment is not working. The limitations of the "digital twin" in relation to the real experiment via the Internet are acceptable for significant number applications for educational purposes. The target group is students and teaching staff.

Each of the academic partners will provide at least one experimental scenario with accompanying textual, video and diagrammatic contents of experimental realizations, which for certain inputs will give the most illustrative experimental outputs in the educational sense. The software integration of these materials will be done by CogniPix and finally a tutorial on the technical realization of digital twins of real experiments for specific inputs (or emulations of experimental responses for specific inputs) in educational terms will be compiled. Both examples and tutorials will be published in the repository as open educational content.

Examples of Digital Twins of real experiments:

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